About G&G Steel

We invite you to become acquainted with G&G Steel’s commitment to quality and to call on us to be your total FABRICATOR.

Since the incorporation of G&G Steel, Inc. in 1975, we are committed to producing superior fabrications and providing prompt delivery at competitive prices. Delivering on this commitment has caused us to experience phenomenal growth while also helping us to become one of the larger, AISC certified, steel fabricators in the U.S.A.

G&G Steel handles steel fabrications for numerous industries.

Hydraulic steel structures for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and heavy moveable bridge structures/machinery are just two of the primary industries for G&G. We also specialize in the fabrication of industrial furnaces for the aluminum and steel industries, grinding mills and kilns for the cement, gold mine and lime industries. G&G Steel has also fabricated various structures and tooling used in the aerospace industry and mining industry.

The home office is situated on 27 acres in the Russellville, AL industrial park. G&G has also extended its operations to Cordova, AL (Warrior River Steel) and to Iuka, MS (G&G Steel Mississippi Works). The locations in Cordova and Iuka provide access for shipping by rail or inland waterway.

In Russellville, our modern spacious fabrication plant, with its state-of-the-art facilities, encompasses 320,000 square feet among its five bays. In addition to the fabrication bays, our operations include a 90,400 square feet machine shop equipped with the most modern of machining facilities to provide for machining large components on variety of large boring mills and lathes. Another unique feature at our Russellville location is a 26, 880 square foot clean assembly bay for mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components that require assembly and test in a cleaner environment. This combination of fabrication, machining, blasting, painting, assembly and testing gives us the ability to completely handle all your fabrication needs.

For the larger fabrication needs, G&G has the capability at its Iuka and Cordova facilities to do final fitting, welding, machining, painting, assembly and testing at these facilities when shipping access by rail or water is needed for the large structures and assemblies. The Warrior River Steel facility boasts 358,000 square feet of fabrication area including a 1,000-ton crane bay while also providing 32,000 square feet of large capacity machining area. The G&G Steel Mississippi Works facility provides 72,000 square feet of fabrication area under a 400-ton crane bay. These two locations extended from our home office provide our customers with several options for assembly, testing and shipping of large components.

G&G Steel is a customer-oriented fabricator, staffed by professionals, which also offers problem solving services including design assistance and computer aided drafting. The engineering department utilizes AutoDesk Inventor for their 3D modeling and detailing services. Our staff has years of experience in fabricating components and meeting challenging requirements to ensure our customer’s success.

We invite you to become acquainted with G&G Steel’s commitment to quality and to call on us to be your total FABRICATOR.