Bridge Industry

G&G steel, Inc. Bridges the Gap between Design and Reality!

G&G Steel, Inc. has fabricated several types of bridges and bridge components since obtaining its AISC certification in 1997.

G&G Steel, Inc. specializes in moveable bridges for both the DOT’s and railroads. We have fabricated lift span bridges, bascule bridges and swing span bridges with the mechanical operating machinery needed for these types of structures. These bridges are often required to shop assemble and test with the operating machinery to ensure successful operation in the field.

The operating machinery for moveable bridges consists of various types of components such as counterweight sheaves & operating drums, ring gears, pinions, gear racks, track and tread assemblies, trunnion assemblies, span locks, centering devices, end lifts and other mechanical components that are specific to moveable bridges. .

Bridge Industry Recent Work