DOD & Aerospace

North Alabama is a major player in the aerospace industry and home to Redstone Arsenal where several contractors serve the Department of Defense.

G&G Steel, Inc. has fabricated a variety of components for this industry and its suppliers. We have supplied NASA with large fabricated and machined components to be used in support of testing the SLS Rocket at Redstone Arsenal. Additionally, G&G partnered with Dynetics and Radiance in the Pathfinder Program, which included supplying the Pathfinder and Pathfinder lifting equipment in support of the SLS Rocket.

G&G has also performed various heavy lift and load tests for various components used in the aerospace Industry.

G&G Steel, Inc. has partnered with B.A.E. in the fabrication of components for the Zumwalt Battleship.

Throughout the years, G&G has fabricated a variety of tooling and components for multiple contractors including Aerie Aerospace, General Dynamics, Teledyne Brown, Dynetics and Radiance.

Recent Work