Other Industries

G&G works with other industries including: Cement, Lime, Paper & Pulp, and Power Generation.

Cement Industry

Over the last four decades, G&G Steel, Inc. has been a supplier of the machinery used in the cement industry.

G&G’s heavy fabricating and machining capabilities has allowed the opportunities to fabricate several large kiln shells. Kiln shells ranging in diameters up to 25’ diameter and in lengths up to 400’, in various carbon steel grades to stainless steel grades. G&G can offer complete fabrication, stress relieving NDE, machining, assembly, painting and shipping needs, meeting customer specifications and requirements.

G&G has also provided kiln support components such as machined forged tires, trunnion rollers and bases, drive sprockets, drive gears, floating tire pad systems, brick liners, kiln field assembly hardware, conical end sections, air cowling sections with air cowlings, trunnion liners. Trunnion liner flights, chain hangers, etc.

Lime Industry

G&G Steel, Inc. has fabricated a variety of components for the lime industry. Vertical shaft line kilns, horizontal line kilns, and more.

G&G can also provide a wide variety of logistic services in transporting the finished Mining Equipment, by both water and land.

Paper & Pulp Industry

G&G Steel, Inc. has fabricated a variety of components for the Paper Pulp Industry including: debarking drums, chipper discs, chipper disc shafts, feed chutes and wear liner products.

Power Generation

G&G Steel, Inc. has fabricated and machined various components in support of the power generation Industry. These projects include turbine housings for nuclear power generation, various machined components for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and large transformers for Mitsubishi.

Contract Machine Work

G&G Steel, Inc. performs machining on all types of parts for all types of industries. No job is too small or too large for us to consider.

Recent Work